Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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Monday, March 14, 2011

Theseus and the Minotaur

A long time ago, there was a king named King Minos. He had a very strong army, so he liked to attack Athens. One day, the king of Athens wanted to stop the wars, so he made a deal with king Minos that every year, he would sent seven boys and seven girls to the labyrinth, a huge maze that contained the Minotaur, a half man half bull that would eat all the children. Years passed, kids got eaten, then one year, Prince Theseus, a strong boy, wanted to be one of the kids to go to the labyrinth and kill the monster. His father didn't want him to go, but Theseus insisted. His father agreed, as long as if he killed the minotaur, his ship would have white sails instead of black ones. When everyone got onto the island, King Minos said that they could stay in his palace for the night before they got eaten. Also at the palace there was King Minos's dauter, Princes Ariadne. She admired Theseus and didn't want him to be eaten, so she gave him a note the next day:

Dear Theseus,

I am a beatiful princes that you probably saw in the palace. I am also looking for love. I want to save you so I thought of a plan. Meet me in one hour at the gate of the labirinth.

Yours Truly,


Theseus met her at the gate and she gave him a sword and some yarn. The yarn is to tie to the door, unroll it, then follow it to find the way back to the gate. Theseus went into the labyrinth, found the minitaur sleeping, and killed it. He found his way back to the gate, got out, and sailed back to Athens with Ariadne and the children. On the way to Athens, they stopped for some supplies on the island of Naxos. Ariadne was tired, so she lay down on the beech and had a nap. Theseus set sail quietly without the princes, then arrived in Athens, but he forgot to change the sails to white, so his father killed himself thinking Theseus was dead.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Armed with his bow, his arrows and his club, Heracles set out to find a beast-the Nemean Lion. Trying to find the lion’s lair, he suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard a loud roar! Heracles turned and saw the huge lion rushing toward him! Quickly, Heracles drew his bow and shot an arrow, but it didn't harm the lion. Then, Heracles quickly fired another arrow, and again it did no harm. The lion pounced, then Heracles smashed his heavy club on the coming monster, but it shattered against the lion's invincible skin.
Realizing no weapon could kill this monster, he fought the monster with his bare hands. With incredible strength, Heracles wrapped his strong arms around the lion’s neck and strangled it to death.
When the huge monster was dead, Heracles thought about skinning the beast, but the lion's skin was so tough he couldn't skin it. Then, he tried to use the monster's claws which were very sharp. This time it skinned the hide and Heracles took it. Realizing how indestructible it was he threw it over himself as a cloak, and pulling the head over his own as a helmet making the skin into armour which would make him even more powerful.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Medusa once wasn't ugly. She was in love with Poseidon, god of the sea. Once they went into Athena's temple, and got caught, so Athena put a curse on Medusa so anyone who looked directly in her eyes was turned to stone.For centuries many heroes tried to destroy her but to no avail.Finally on day a brave man named Perseus killed her by chopping her head off.


One day, a king wanted to marry Perseus's mother. So the king sent Perseus on a quest.An impossible quest. The quest was to kill and bring back the head of the monstrous Medusa. Before Perseus set off on his journey, the gods gave him three gifts. Hades gave him his helmet of invisibility until the quest was over, Hermes gave him a pair of flying sandals, and Athena gave him a sword that could cut through anything. So Perseus set off for his journey. When he reached Medusa's temple, he hid behind a pillar when he herd her coming. To make her come to him, he threw his shield into the arms of a statue. Perseus looked into his well polished shield to see where Medusa was. When she came beside the pillar he was standing behind... SLICE! Perseus cut off her head. To make sure he didn't look at Medusa, he put her head in a cloth bag. When Perseus came back, the king ordered his men to charge at him, but he turned the warriors and the king to stone.